New Fly Rig Speaker Sim Bypass DI Balanced XLR Output DI Balanced XLR Output


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Tech 21

DI MOD ______Check Box for XLR on Left Side $50 GT2 $189
DI + Ground Lift
$55 Bass Driver DI $199
DI + Pre/Post Switch $55 Programmable Bass Driver DI $209
DI + Ground Lift + Pre/Post Switch $60
DI + Phantom Power + Ground Lift $70 Para Driver DI $209
DI + Phantom Power + Pre/Post Switch $70
DI + Phantom Power + Ground Lift + Pre/Post $75 British (V2) $169
Jimmy Mod $60
Speaker Sim Bypass -----------Listening Room $50 Liverpool (V2) $169
Multi Cab - Adjustable Speaker Sim Knob $60 US Steel $169
Aux Input MOD $60 VT Bass (V2) $169
JP Mid Freq MOD ---------- $60
Para-Q- Mid (Added Midrange Control Circuit Board)


VT Bass DI $209
VT Bass Deluxe Loop Pre-Effect MOD $60
VT Bass Deluxe Loop on Bypass MOD
Blend Knob
$60 Boost Chorus Bass $189
Parallel Output
Effect Loop
Para Driver DI Variable Output
$60 Red Ripper $189
High Level Speaker Input Pad
PSA Dual Speaker Sim
Fly Rig 5 $249
Fly Rig / Wah Power Mod - Power the Wah via TRS*
Richie Kotzen RK5 Signature Fly Rig $269
Mute Switch with LED
Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby Wah Pedal $79.99
FlyRig Hot Button Post Sansamp +6dB
Dunlop CBM95 Crybaby Mini-Wah Pedal $99.99
DC9 Power Supply (110-120V only)
Custom Pedal Calculater. . .
* For the Fly Rig / Wah Power Mod
You must send us your wah pedal,
...or purchase a wah pedal for the modification.

Secure Payments by PayPal

To clarify the Pre/Post Mod, there are two possible wiring configurations named as Original "A" or Latching "B"... Please specify when ordering if you need "B".

A) When switch is set to Pre: XLR is always pre-effect - When switch is set to Post: XLR is selected pre/post with the footswitch just the same as ¼" output.

B) When switch is set to Pre: XLR is always pre-effect - When switch is set to Post: XLR is always post-effect regardless of the footswitch and ¼" output.

Please specify Fly Rig FX Loop Insert Points when ordering:

1.) Post OMG/Plexi - Loop is on only when OMG/Plexi is on.

2.) Pre-Sansamp - Loop always on, or on with a mini push switch.

3.) Post-Sansamp - Loop is only switched on when Sansamp is on.

4.) Anti Sansamp - Loop is on when Sansamp is off, and vice versa.

Send Pedals for Modification along with check, money order, or a copy of your PayPal receipt to the address below.
The pedal will be modded and promptly sent back to you insured for the full value.
Please be sure your return address is correct at checkout.

5642 KECK RD